in the memory of john tweedle, passing on the creative spirit…



The John Tweedle Foundation, provides funds to advance education in the study areas of focus: Photography, Film, Television Production, & Graphic Design. fulfillment of its mission: “To Provide scholarships for youth interested in photography, video and related occupations.” This is accomplished by securing charitable funds to award scholarships. The purpose of the John Tweedle Foundation is to establish a center for the memorialization of the work of John Tweedle and to present his life and work as a role model for young people and adults who are interested in all aspects of photography, video and cinema. Foundation scholarships are awarded without regard to gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability. The only means to obtain an application is through the website.



  • Merit scholarships are awarded to High School Senior or recent graduate students, this is a one-year award.


  • Financial Assistance scholarships are awarded to Senior High School or recent graduate students, this is a one-year award.


**If applying for Financial Assistance Scholarship please fill out the Financial Need Analysis form.


2- Financial Assist Scholarships $500.00

1 - Merit Scholarship $750.00.



The following general criteria is a summary and applies to all

award categories:

  • Student must be a full-time (depends on your schools qualifications) and currently enrolled student at an accredited high school or recent graduate with study


  • areas of focus: Photography, Film, Television Production, & Graphic Design.


  • Students must plan to continue their creative field academic pursuits in the fall of the grant year.


  • Demonstrated exceptional creative academic achievement/or financial need.


  • Optional - Leadership, volunteer, civic and academic services.



Awardees will be notified in December. This is a blind process (without knowledge of who the applicant is), to insure fairness and objectivity. Recommendations by the panels are subject to final approvalby the John Tweedle Foundation Inc. Board of Directors.


The deadline for all applications is May 30, 2016.


John Tweedle Foundation

2035 S State St

PO Box 16088

Chicago, IL 60616

(312) 326-2455








May 30, 2016

Applications postmarked after May30th will not be considered.


*Award Information – Qualified expenditures include: Tuition, room/board, coursework fees, books and supplies (paper, notebooks, computers, electronic media, etc); local transportation (e.g., to/from/at school), including bus fare, mileage auto expense, parking, and tolls.


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